Microsoft Partners with Automotive Manufacturers at Frankfurt Motor Show

Microsoft announced new partners for their Microsoft Connected Vehicle platform (MCVP) yesterday at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Microsoft, already a provider of cloud computing services to many enterprises around the world, has extended the use of its MCVP to auto manufacturers with the hopes that they will start using it in the newest iterations of their autonomous vehicle systems. The MCVP is a cloud-connected system that allows for the delivery of several services to autonomous vehicles utilizing Microsoft’s Azure framework.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and the Volkswagen Group are both current users of the MCVP. The newest companies to join the company’s initiative are Cubic Telecom, Faurecia, and LG Electronics. In addition to these manufacturers, Microsoft also wants to target new startups, offering incentives such as $120,000 worth of free Azure credits to selected companies working on autonomous vehicle technology.

Multiple Functionalities Included

Because the MCVP uses Microsoft Azure as its base framework, it can benefit from implementing interfaces for Azure Maps, and Automotive IoT Edge. Initially designed to offer vehicle manufacturers the ability to provide innovations to customers which aren’t limited to just self-driving vehicle services, but also advanced navigation, telematics and route prediction, and customer engagement statistics. Because the system operates on a cloud basis, it even offers a secure method to deliver over-the-air (OTA) updates.

With the focus on autonomous vehicles reaching a fever pitch, companies are likely to see the MCVP as a viable solution to companies entering the field. By combining a system that incorporates device connectivity with analytics, user feedback metrics and even linking it to the infotainment system within the vehicle, Microsoft has developed an all-round connected system that is backed by dependable brand. As more manufacturers realize the usefulness of the system and its ease of use, the tech giant might end up signing even more partners to its program.