Microsoft Partners with Red Hat; MariaDB Released on Azure

Image Attribution: Flickr

Red Hat and Microsoft have entered into a partnership where Microsoft has agreed to release Red Hat Linux on Microsoft Azure. Red Hat has given those who have Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines the ability to port their existing workloads into Azure.
Both companies have agreed to provide support for the popular hybrid cloud operating system. Microsoft says that Red Hat can be managed through Virtual Machine Manager in SCCM while users of CloudForms can begin deploying infrastructure into Azure based on RHEL.
Microsoft has supported various Linux distributions for quite some time. The deal with Red Hat opens Microsoft up to more than just offering an OS on Azure.
Microsoft’s deal makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux the official reference Linux operating system for .NET. Microsoft has been on an open source push as of late, therefore the deal should help Microsoft win over hearts and minds of the open source community.

MariaDB on Azure

The MariaDB Enterprise Cluster for Azure is now available for deployment. MariaDB calls itself the leader in open source database solutions. MariaDB ensures high availability, performance and scalability thanks to its MaxScale capabilities.
Those interested in MariaDB can find more info about the popular database in the Azure marketplace. When implement MariaDB from the Azure marketplace, your organization can have a robust and scalable cloud based database system that can be setup in minutes.
“MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MaxScale gives developers the enterprise-class availability and capabilities they need to provision and extend their applications in Azure within minutes, while maintaining compatibility with on-premises counterparts and enhancing availability and scalability,” says Mark Hill, Vice President of Open Source Sales and Marketing Strategy at Microsoft.
MariaDB believes that it should be the de facto open source database. In fact, MariaDB’s website says that MariaDB should replace MySQL as the M in the popular LAMP development stack.
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