Microsoft Pledges $1B in Cloud Resources over 3 Years to Non-Profits & Researchers

Microsoft has announced a 3 part plan that allows the tech giant to give back to the global community by providing up to one billion dollars in free cloud computing resources for non-profits, research projects and other entities that further advance public goodwill.
The new initiative was announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft’s donation of cloud services is being heralded as one of the first big announcements from the recently formed Microsoft Philanthropies. Microsoft mentions that with its donation, the goal is to help the public in the broadest sense.
“Microsoft is empowering mission-driven organizations around the planet with a donation of cloud computing services — the most transformative technologies of our generation,” proclaims Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
“Now more than 70,000 organizations will have access to technology that will help them solve our greatest societal challenges and ultimately improve the human condition and drive new growth equally,” Nadella adds.
It should be noted that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland today.
Microsoft’s billion dollar pledge in cloud computing services will provide the resources needed for researchers and non-profit organizations to help get their public goodwill projects over the goal line.
With Nadella speaking at the World Economic Forum, Microsoft’s billion dollar pledge over the next 3 years certainly gives Microsoft additional credibility in terms of creating computing resources that benefit the world as a whole.
Microsoft says that with its billion dollar pledge, it aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide services that match the broad needs of non-profit organizations
  • Enhance access to cloud resources within academia
  • Embrace new communities that need last-mile connectivity or cloud services

Microsoft’s cloud services are already making a difference around the world.
Microsoft is currently helping researchers in Brazil save the rainforest using IoT sensors. Another Microsoft endeavor involves the tech giant providing cloud infrastructure for the Botswana Innovation Hub, which provides technology for medical services to those that live within the region.