Microsoft Shares Information About Xbox One’s Cloud

Xbox One’s gaming cloud will certainly make an impact on the gaming world. Some may even say the Xbox One cloud could be “game changing.” Within the first months of Xbox One’s cloud, Microsoft expects that developers will need to dive deep into the infrastructure to find out its true capabilities. This inevitably will cause a learning curve for developers of Xbox One titles. Once the learning curve has been surpassed, Microsoft expects robust gaming titles to become available. This expectation is based upon the fact that the local Xbox One machine will do less computing locally and more computing in the cloud, therefore freeing up local resources for developers to focus on the gaming experience. In the past, limitations of gaming systems had tied the hands of some developers because they had to work within the framework and limitations of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox One cloud helps out independent developers the most. Many of these small time outfits have big ideas but perhaps they don’t have the infrastructure to begin developing a server farm. With the cloud, developers can create “Games as a Service” instead of the limitations based on playing a DVD that only has a finite amount of data available to the gamer.
One of the most intriguing features of the Xbox Gaming Cloud is the ability for gaming videos to go viral. Game play videos have becomes an important part of the gaming culture because celebrity gamers often provide tips, strategies and advice for novice gamers. This outlet for gamers proves to be an exciting venture for Microsoft and its publishers because it gives gamers the ability to share and comment on their friend’s game play or their own. The Xbox One is available for pre-order in some markets and the official release date is November 22nd 2013.