Microsoft SkyDrive Rebranded as Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that they will rename their cloud storage service. The cloud storage service once known as SkyDrive is now known as Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft decided to change its name after a legal dispute between themselves and Sky Broadcasting which is based in the United Kingdom. Sky Broadcasting felt like the term SkyDrive infringed on their trademark and that users could mistake the service as being part of Sky Broadcasting’s products.

The legal battle played out in court and Sky broadcasting won the suit. The news wires do not report the amount won in court. It is unclear if there were any monetary damages. Microsoft recently released the Xbox One gaming console. This name change brings Microsoft’s brands closer together in terms of name. If Microsoft can begin calling all of their gaming and cloud products “One,” Microsoft could become the number one gaming and cloud company in the world. The logo of OneDrive will largely remain the same with only the text in the logo changing.
Microsoft seems to be at a crossroads in regards to their company’s direction. Since Steve Ballmer is leaving the company, many analysts believe that the next CEO of Microsoft will be someone who is heavily involved with the cloud. Microsoft looks to transition from a software retailer to a cloud provider that also focuses on gaming and media content. Microsoft is easily one of the most profitable corporations of all time and there may be substantial pressure for the next CEO to come in and perform. Since the biggest vertical for computing continues to be the cloud, having a CEO that drives Microsoft in the direction of being cloud centric is an essential move for the company. Microsoft is being methodical in its search for a new CEO. The world will wait in anticipation until the new chief is announced.