Microsoft’s Azure Stack Technical Preview Release Date Has Been Announced

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Are you ready to build to your own Private Cloud deployment? With Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview, you can do just that.
The much anticipated Azure Stack has been hinted at by Microsoft for quite some time.
Organizations that want to enjoy the flexibility of Microsoft Azure without storing their data in the Public Cloud now have the ability to leverage the features of the popular Azure platform.
For example, organizations can begin creating virtual machine templates that will allow them to rapidly deploy virtual machines within their environment.
Azure Stack also gives systems administrators the ability to integrate applications and components found on GitHub, which could potentially help your organization streamline your internal business processes.
Microsoft says that cloud should be viewed as a model, not as a physical place. Some organizations have stringent industry guidelines that prohibit critical IT infrastructure from residing in the public cloud.
Azure Stack gives businesses the ability to deploy cloud from within the walls of their own data center, giving administrators complete control over the way IT teams deploy critical services.
When businesses are ready to extend their Azure private cloud deployment, they can easily connect their on-premises system to the Azure Public Cloud and create a hybrid cloud deployment.
“We believe that Microsoft can uniquely deliver this hybrid cloud platform in a way no other technology vendor can. We have a rich set of assets and investments across on-premises and public cloud,” writes Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.
“With Azure Stack, we’re now doing the hard work of translating these learnings for on-premises environments so customers can benefit from speed and innovation of the cloud model without location constraints. Microsoft is the only company that can bring the full power of a true hybrid cloud platform to our customers,” adds Neil.
Microsoft goes on to say the first Azure Stack Technical Preview will be available on Friday, January 29th 2016.