Microsoft’s Nadella to Speak at SF Press Event

On March 27th, Satya Nadella is scheduled to speak about Microsoft’s future in cloud and mobile at a press event in San Francisco. The newly anointed CEO of Microsoft will find himself on stage for one of his first big press events since taking the top spot. Many analysts see this specific event as an indicator of Microsoft’s overall cloud strategy as it pertains to the post Ballmer era. IT decision makers rant and rave about Windows Azure, however Windows 8 and Microsoft’s mobile lineup have not received the same amount of high praise.

Nadella’s job is to change those perceptions. The plan of reintroducing Windows mobile and cloud products near Silicon Valley could be the catalyst that Microsoft needs for its next generation of Windows products such as the highly touted Windows 9 platform. Although Microsoft’s corporate offices are in Washington, the up and coming cloud giant plans to expend an enormous amount of resources in the Bay Area in order to gain cloud market share. This strategy is already beginning to pay off. Nadella’s presentations in the Valley will only help promote Microsoft’s cloud services while showing off all of the advancements in the mobile and cloud computing platforms.

Silicon Valley might need a new nickname due to all of the upstart cloud services in the area. Locals in the Bay Area have seemingly joked that they should rename the area Cloudy Valley. If Microsoft has it their way, the Windows Azure and Mobile will become the platform in which many of the new upstart cloud organizations utilize by default. As new cloud companies pop up, consumers can expect to see sophisticated cloud apps become available for mobile devices.

Is Microsoft Cloud Shopping?

Since Microsoft also has a Mountain View campus located in the heart of Silicon Valley, expect this area to become the geographic epicenter of cloud innovations for the software giant. This strategic location affords Microsoft the ability to mentor, monitor and evaluate many of the new up and coming cloud companies that fit into the portfolio of Microsoft cloud offerings. Microsoft could be looking to snatch up start up cloud services in the Valley. Could this be a blockbuster press event for Nadella?