Milrem Robotics and Electro Optic Systems Collaborate to Demonstrate Unmanned Warfare System with 30mm RWS

The Europe-based warfare systems developer, Milrem Robotics has engaged in a partnership with the Australian-based technology company, Electro Optic Systems, to bring a weaponized warfare system, lightweight 30mm into the UGV market. The concept of this system is being exhibited at IDEX, 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

The system features the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle equipped with R400S – Mk2-HD (dual) RWS (Remote Weapon Station) mounting 30mm ATK M230 LF cannon and coaxial 7.62mm GPMG. This great innovation that combines wonderful features is only a clear indication of EOS’ as well as Milrem’s mutual commitment into seeing that flexible firepower solutions are continually available.

It was also designed with a lot of things put into consideration and this is shown in the fact that an operational ATGW missile integration is available. The vehicle, which is remotely operated, allows for situational awareness (thanks to its advanced sensors) and a land force’s firepower. The vehicle also increases the stand-off distance and is very effective against vehicles that are light-armored.

However, the system would still be operated by a human being’s control. With the value put into its creation, the warfare system is bound to evidently be a great fire support for use by dismounted troops as well as a weaponized unit all by itself. This was confirmed by the CEO of Milrem Robotics, Kuldar Vaarsi, who is apparently vast in these areas.

It is guaranteed that this new technology can carry out the stated functions, thanks to its combination. The combination is basically that of Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS (which is a UGV with great terrain navigating performance and excellently stabilized EOS R400S-MK2-HD (dual) remote weapon system) and that of a large caliber warfare system.

Thanks to its size and its lightweight, the units of this warfare system can be easily dissembled and assembled, as required. This makes it easier to transport it from place to place with little or no worries about logistics.

This is the first project on which the two companies are partnering and from the look of things, more collaboration is expected, especially as confirmed by the words of AbdulRahman AlBlooshi, the CEO of EOS Advanced Technologies, UAE.