Mindwell Launches New Artificial Intelligence Application To Help Improve User’s Mind

In a bid to help clients in achieving their desired mood state, Monclarity adds a new feature to the Mindwell application. Mindwell is a meditation application that uses the basis of patented algorithms and old tones to provide its users with required meditation techniques required to achieve a desired mood state.

The application leverages on pre-recorded information about the users; this include their mental state, plus their mood after every session on the application. Using the newly added feature, users will be required to indicate the new kind of mood they want plus their present mood. Using this information combined with other data such as individual and community demographic and psychographic data, the application then uses its artificial intelligence to help the users to foretell the best kinds of meditative experiences to reach the desired moods.

The feature that helps users in achieving their aims is an interactive platform that encourages exchange of information between users and the platform. It consists of a vast store of guide that has knowledge on all kinds of emotional states the mind can undergo such as childbirth to relationship issues to personal issues.

The newly advanced application is currently available to users on different platforms including the google play store and the app store. Currently, there is a free version that provides this services free to its users; the free services provided includes a 7-day span of minor reflections, and a preview of all the features on the application. New users can also access all tracks fully at a fee of $49.99 per annum.

The developing company, Monclarity, perfectly combines tools of technology, innovation and neuroscience of the mind, body and soul to provide its users with highly advanced features that aids in growing their mind. With its venture into artificial intelligence, the Burlingame team with over 20 years of experience in that field has a number of creations which includes Brainwell, Power Your Mind, Challenge Your Mind, Enhance Your Life.