Minerva Networks to Debut New Cloud Platform for Entertainment Devices

Cloud is becoming the de facto method in delivering high quality, video on demand services. Minerva Networks, a company based in Silicon Valley, looks to revolutionize the cloud delivered entertainment services market by releasing its new platform called Minerva 10.
Minerva 10 contains patent pending architecture that streamlines the delivery of content to connected devices. Minerva Networks says that its new product easily delivers live, video on demand, catch up and DVR content sources all on one screen.
Search filters are included with the platform, allowing users to more rapidly find the television programs that they want to view. Minerva 10′s Filter Engine helps aggregate content to users that they may be interested in viewing.
Minerva Networks says that Minerva 10 automatically offloads computationally intensive functionalities to the cloud, allowing end users to gain a responsive, positive experience when using the platform. Minerva Networks calls this feature Minerva Edge. Minerva Networks says that the Edge feature has been shown to improve response times on the platform by up to 50%.
Minerva 10 comes packaged with an analytics and reporting component, affording administrators the ability to custom tailor packages based on consumption.
Minerva Networks’ CEO Mauro Bonomi states, “Legacy solutions are no longer capable of supporting the rate of innovation required to remain competitive in the pay TV arena.” Bonomi adds, “The unique Minerva 10 capabilities we are demonstrating here at TV Connect enable operators to offer highly targeted and personalized television services that will delight the most demanding subscribers.”
Minerva Networks will debut the new Minerva 10 product at the 2015 TV Connect show. The 2015 TV Connect show will take place from April 28th to April 30th in London, UK. Press releases concerning the event show that Minerva 10 has been shortlisted as one of the Best Service Delivery Platforms for IPTV & OTT TV.