Mirantis Receives $100m in Funding to Continue OpenStack Innovation

Image Attribution: Flickr

Mirantis, a popular OpenStack cloud that is deployed for large organizations, has just received $100m in funding from investors such as Intel. The idea for the investment is to make OpenStack easier to use for the average IT organization.
Many IT organizations have shied away from OpenStack integrations, due to the complexity and lack of thorough documentation available. OpenStack has certainly matured over the past few years and with a $100m investment coming Mirantis’ way, OpenStack could soon be installed with the push of a few buttons.
With larger OpenStack deployments, an organization can acquire an indefinite amount of moving parts. When an OpenStack cloud start to grow, the tasks required to maintain the health of your organization’s cloud can require IT staff to stay late and acquire larger staffs. Mirantis’s goal is to be able to have an organization install OpenStack and have it be able to deploy up to 2,000 nodes automatically.
“The cost of managing IT on-premise is one of the primary reasons that so many application workloads are moving on to public clouds,” says Alex Freedland, President of Mirantis.
“Which, winds up being a threat to the continued existence of internal IT organization,” Freedland added.
Freedland went on to talk about how IT costs needed to come down to the point of where they are competitive with hyperscalers. Freedland expresses concern on whether hyperscalers are good for overall innovation.
More importantly, Freedland says that OpenStack needs to compete with Microsoft and VMware by offering more robust services that are native to the system itself. Lifecycle management is important as OpenStack Mirantis will continue to expand its offerings to further compete with VMware and Microsoft.
If Mirantis can master OpenStack, there’s no doubt that more IT organizations would be willing to adopt the OpenStack cloud within their environments.