Moovit and TomTom Join Forces with Microsoft to Introduce the World’s First Ever Multi-Modal Trip Planner

The giants in the mobility industry have just revealed their invention of a comprehensive multi-modal trip planner which happens to be the first in the world. This solution was basically provided to eliminate the problem of congestion, especially for typical commuter who majorly uses multi-modal means of mobility.

The solution was revealed at the MOVE conference holding in ExCel London, by Chris Pendleton, the head of Azure Maps, while giving a keynote speech. This solution essentially involves being able to drive from a suburb and park in a parking lot close to the transit station, riding with the transit to enter into the city, and completing the journey through various options such as using a scooter, on foot, car-sharing or simply on transit. Since metropolitans have been pushed out into suburban areas in recent times due to the competition for opportunities, this is a great solution.

While Moovit is a giant concerned with providing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as well as the world’s first ever urban Mobility app, TomTom is a well-known specialist in location technology and having the two companies join forces with Microsoft’s Azure Maps (their location intelligence platform for Azure clouds), their solution is sure to be a strong one and they have proved so in the fact that the solution captures driving, parking and public transit. No other solution for mobility useful to urbanites has achieved a comprehensive and holistic feat as this one. This solution is sure to bring benefits to the normal commuters who have no idea of which transit line to take or where they should park their cars.

Microsoft’s intelligence platform is specifically important for this solution, so developers will be able to strategize in a way that integrates the planning of multi-modal trips into their IoT, smart city, mobility as well as their solutions for logistics.

As for Moovit, the essence of the plan is to make urban mobility very simple for users across the globe. Hence their decision to work hand in hands with Microsoft to ensure developers are able to build apps that will reach out to commuters at large with the aim being to reach out to several billions of commuters and make their mobility easier.  TomTom’s APIs (routing and traffic) makes the entire process a very full one. This feat and Moovit’s perfect plan stems out from six years of hard work directed at making the journeys of urban riders rather perfect by making good use of over 7,000 transit organizations/agencies across the entire globe. Managing over five million trip plans per day is no easy feat to pull without experience and great skills. Moovit is pulling this feat successfully.

With 350 million users in 2,700 cities found in 88 countries of the world definitely opens the eyes of an organization to a lot. Moovit has brought great statistics (especially from real-time public data from all around the world) to the table to see the great plan of making such technology available, come into fruition.

TomTom has specific data on auto and parking lot while Moovit had a great plan for multimodal trips. Azure has a great view of every angle of urban mobility. This makes their union a perfect opportunity for the birth of such a comprehensive service.