Are The MUCC Making Cloud Computing Aerial?

History has been made today within the field of cloud computing. Innovation experts within the Margate University for Cloud Computing (MUCC), UK, have found a way to virtualize the visualization process, by moving the cloud ‘to the clouds’.  In an attempt to reduce the carbon damage caused by datacenters across the globe researches at MUCC have found a way to maximize weather conditions to support cloud servers.

Dr E. Silver said, “Environmental damage caused by datacenters is very serious. Many consumers don’t realize that a paperless ‘cloud based’ industry does not necessarily mean a greener one. We are very excited by this discovery. Though we have been ridiculed as attempting the impossible and now we are glad to finally have the last laugh.”

Dr Silver has a BSc in Physics and 15 years within Engineering. The science behind the discovery, he explained is actually quite simple. “By using the static electricity present in all thunder and electrical storms, we are able to channel the electrons to mirror the data transfer process and thereby reduce the strain on datacenters. This in turn will cause a chain reaction to reduce the Datacenter workload to a minimum.”

The premise behind the research is to find a way to use bad weather as a natural datacenter support system to reduce electricity consumption as well as carbon emissions from datacenters across the UK. MUCC is in the perfect location for this research, as England is not famous for its bad weather, but as a coastal city, Margate especially experiences particularly bad storms.

MUCC is also known as the Made Up Cloud College as this is an April fools article. Have a great day!