Multi-Cloud Innovator GoGrid Acquired by DataPipe

GoGrid burst onto the cloud scene a couple years ago by simplifying the use of multiple cloud services within an enterprise IT environment. GoGrid’s seamless approach to managing complex hybrid cloud solutions caught the attention of Datapipe who recently purchased GoGrid outright for an undisclosed amount. While GoGrid was certainly making a name for itself on its own, Datapipe couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include GoGrid’s features and functionality into their portfolio of cloud offerings.
In the press release detailing the acquisition, Datapipe says that they will use GoGrid’s technology to provide its clientele with the ability to enable Big Data deployments with a single click. Datapipe believes this type of technology is game changer as many organizations have shied away from Big Data operations for various reasons.
“GoGrid has made it easy for companies to stand up Big Data solutions quickly,” said Robb Allen, the current CEO of Datapipe. “Datapipe customers will achieve significant value from the speed at which we can now create new Big Data projects in the cloud. This acquisition advances Datapipe’s strategy to help our enterprise clients architect, deploy and manage multi-cloud hybrid IT solutions. ”
GoGrid has been in business for over a decade but in 2013, the company pivoted towards Big Data and cloud. The specific financial numbers surrounding this deal have not been released, however, many cloud computing analysts are saying that the GoGrid acquisition is the first significant cloud acquisition deal of 2015. Datapipe looks to use GoGrid’s processes and infrastructure to improve its security, integration and multi-cloud management strategies. Datapipe is known for its unique cloud offering called Stratosphere. It seems as if Datapipe will likely try to market GoGrid’s services to many of its existing Stratosphere clients.
If you go to, you will see that they have already changed their logo to include “A Datapipe Company” underneath the official logo. It seems that GoGrid will continue to operate as its own entity, albeit under the corporate umbrella of Datapipe.