MUrgency Provides Emergency Services Using Cloud; Aims for Worldwide Coverage by 2020

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cloud is redefining the methods we use to contact and collaborate with one another. With the MUrgency App, those who are in need of emergency services can gain immediate access to professionals with just a tap of the screen.
MUrgency Inc is a San Francisco, CA based company that aims to fix a global problem. Several billions of people in the world do not have readily available emergency services. For those who do have emergency services available, those services can often be slow and sometimes costly.
MUrgency utilizes a global response cloud that contains a network of trusted peers, such as your friends or family as well as medical staff, safety experts and more.
“It is well known that timely medical assistance is the most critical factor in saving lives,” says MUrgency founder and CEO Shaffi Mather.
“Unfortunately, it is not readily available to 90 percent of worlds population. At MUrgency, it is our mission to make fast emergency medical assistance available across the world by 2020 with just the tap on your phone,” adds Mather.
Before starting MUrgency, Mather is credited with founding Ziqitza Health Care Limited, which is one of the largest ambulance services in the developed world.
There are two sides to the MUrgency app. On one side, healthcare providers will sign up and get their credentials verified by the MUrgency staff. The other side involves those who may need emergency services.
As noted above, users of the MUrgency app can add peers into the app. This is helpful because if an emergency situation occurs, a person’s friends and family can become automatically notified of the event and react accordingly.
The MUrgency app uses cloud to facilitate chat, video messaging, two way audio and the transfer of pictures. MUrgency has an ambitious plan that involves providing everyone on the planet with one touch emergency services by 2020 from their mobile devices.