MYHSM Partners With Equinix

John Cragg, CEO at MYHSM, commented: “MYHSM is delighted to be working with Equinix, which is a real enabler for the payments industry. We are now partners with the global leader in interconnection as well as with Thales, the global leader in Payment HSMs. These partnerships put us in pole position to meet not only the existing demand for Payment HSM as a Service but also the explosive growth being generated by the dash for the cloud which is happening all around us.”

The world-class data centres and interconnection that Equinix provides means that MYHSM has the global reach and headroom for growth to address the security needs of companies operating within the world-wide payments ecosystem. The architecture of the solution perfectly supports the widespread move to put IT technology into the cloud.

Payment HSMs are an integral and mandated component in securing payment processing and card issuing systems, but deploying them in the traditional own-and-operate way introduces a formidable array of difficulties and demands on capital and operational expenditure. The partnership between MYHSM and Equinix provides a more effective, flexible and current way of accessing the capabilities by making Payment HSMs available as a cloud service.

Lance Homer, Director of Business Development at Equinix, added: “Our collaboration with MYHSM is a great addition to our comprehensive financial services ecosystem available on Platform Equinix. We are now the first company to host and provide connectivity for global Payment HSM as a Service using the Thales payShield. It is an exciting new opportunity for us, providing yet another reason why financial services companies should interconnect at Equinix.”