N3TWORK Joins Forces with Tetris Company to Produce Innovative New Tetris Games for Mobile

N3TWORK, a new age and widely known media, games and technology company, has partnered with The Tetris Company, Inc., to singlehandedly create, build and publish new Tetris games, created from the ground up for mobile devices worldwide, apart from China. The multi-year agreement has the ability to leverage N3TWORK’s expertise in game design as well as publishing to build fresh Tetris experiences which harness the global fame of the iconic franchise. Tetris Royale, N3TWORK’s debut title in the partnership, is a rapid yet fun Tetris game, which has a large-scale friendly competition at its core.

Tetris happens to be a timeless pop culture icon which has moulded the history of videogames. It is truly loved all over the world.

The foundation of Tetris Royale is developed on the basis of the core gameplay experience of Tetris, moving a rotating a procession of Tetriminos down the Matrix to remove lines by finishing up horizontal rows. Tetris Royale is set to feature a various game modes, from the hallmark 100-player Tetris Royale mode to great day-to-day competitions involving thousands of players, down to solo Marathon mode in which players can sharpen their Tetris skills.

The Tetris Royale mode is a 100-player competitive mode in which players will work their way right to the top of the leaderboards in every single season. Players will be in possession of the ability to finish up daily challenges and at the same time compete in the Tetris Royale mode to receive rewards, which include customization options as well as boosters and power-ups which can be used in battle.

Tetris Royale is currently in the process of development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It will be available in some particular territories for beta testing in the year 2019.