NanoLock Partners with Micron to Provide Flash-to-Cloud Management Solution for Security of IoT Devices

NanoLock Security, widely known for providing security and management for IoT and connected devices, has just announced its partnership with Micron Technology, a company focused on innovative storage and memory solutions. The essence of this partnership is to provide Flash-to-Cloud management solutions, all for the security of Internet of Things (IoT) as well as connected devices.

Thanks to the new technology the duo is working on, organizations would get a chance to manage, protect and securely update IoT devices, irrespective of their operative system requirements or their computation power. This ability would be as a result of Micron’s Authenta enabled flash memory and NanoLock’s Management of Things (MoT) platform. OEMs as well as operators can now use standard silicon trust anchors in flash memory to advantage, to enhance the authentication of firmware and integrity of IoT devices in a bid to achieve extra opportunities for revenue.

The two companies have come together to solve the problem of managing and protecting IoT devices, which happens to be about the biggest barriers and challenges to deploying IoT and enjoying the business value of the deployments. Amit Gattani of Micron testified that NanoLock’s technology comes as a quite complementary one for the Aunthen-enabled flash memory solution, by supplying embedded security at the device level and taking that same security to the cloud. He also reported that in addition to this, it also allows a chance to create a new ROI-driven method in a bid to manage and protect millions of new devices.

These combined solutions do a good job of providing a worthy value proposition to operators, IoT service providers as well as enterprises by reducing the complexity and speeding up the time-to-market of IoT devices with its basis on silicon-level cryptographic trust roots in standard flash memory components. Extending the trust in question to the NanoLock MoT and FOTALock platforms for management allows for a more buoyant device-level protection and makes the enterprise grade management more economical.