National Youth Cybersecurity Education gets CyberPatriot Sponsorship from BTB Security

BTB Security recently announced its sponsorship of the Cyberpatriot National Youth Cybersecurity Program. BTB is a is a known cyber security firm that aims at offering organizations and clients with topnotch security services that prevents security breaches and attack from both known and unknown cyber intrusion.

The Cybersecurity education is one directed at promoting a larger field of knowledge and experience in cybersecurity. It is targeted more at the younger set of generation, helping them to develop a passion for it from their young age. The education serves to input them with the skills necessary to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

A senior partner at BTB Security acknowledges that developing a profession in cybersecurity can be very challenging but it can also be very satisfying and rewarding if properly utilized. Focusing on the cyberpatriot program, BTB security aims to carefully nurture a new generation of skilled cybersecurity so as to keep the future of the cybersecurity industry secure. The sponsorship program also helps to inspire young students to discover the possibility of a career in cyber security.

The cyberpatriot program specifically focuses on educating the very young students from the elementary school age. The program progresses through the elementary school through middle school and down to high school.  There is a final inter-school National Youth Cyber Defense competition in which schools are pitched against each other to project all they have learnt.

The cyberpatriot program was originally introduced by the U.S Air Force Association to teach the basis of cybersecurity to students thereby luring them into a world of unending technology.

Engaging more students in the foundational knowledge of cybersecurity will go a long way in the future of the industry. This will solve the problem of lack of adequate skilled personnel in the cybersecurity industry and by extension, will translate to a well-informed defense to the increasing rate of developing cyber threats.