Navis Releases Update to Dangerous Goods Module for MACS3 Loading Computer Software

Navis, a well-known provider of maritime software solutions for compliant and reliable vessel and cargo performance, is announcing an upgrade to the MACS3 Loading Computer Software Dangerous Goods (DG) module to be in compliance with the most recent update of amendment 39-18 to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Just recently, compliance of the code is optional but it is set to become mandatory on all vessels from the 1st of January, 2020.

The MACS3 Loading Computer Software is forming the industry standard for container vessels and also serves as the leading the way for safer and efficient loading operations all over the world. The MACS3 DG module regulates and controls the vessel’s compliancy with IMDG stowage and segregation rules and ensures the stow as well as the segregation are in line with the vessel design, in accordance to the compliance document.

By the virtue of MACS3, users can assess the DG stow together with the stress and stability conditions in order to make sure the vessel stow is safe. In addition to this, MACS3 is intergraded with XVELA as well as StowMan planning platforms to share visibility with the crew on-board.

“Due to increasing incidents on board of container vessels during recent months, the new dangerous goods segregation and stowage rules are top of mind for our customers. As safety and efficiency are a top priority for Navis, we wanted to ensure that we could deliver a software in line with the new standards in a timely manner to satisfy our customers’ business needs,” said Selke Eichler, Director of Global Customer Services for Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions.

The IMDG code is usually reviewed biennially and the latest update was published in 2018.