NEC Univerge Blue: The 2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year

NEC Univerge Blue has been named the 2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year by TMC.
NEC is an innovator of all things IT. One of the most popular services that NEC has developed is its Univerge Blue Business Cloud Telephony Service.
As industries face more scrutiny from auditors, NEC Univerge Blue makes it easy for organizations to achieve telephony compliance while also providing robust features that can help streamline business processes.
NEC Univerge Blue can be run in both the public and private clouds, making it easy to integrate into existing CRMs.
NEC Univerge Blue guarantees that its system will up at least 99.999% of the time. A few of the key features of Univerge Blue include:

  • Voice
  • Mobility
  • Messaging
  • Presence
  • Web Conferencing
  • Contact Centers

“NEC has deep experience helping organizations in multiple industries, such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing and finance, smoothly transitioning enterprise programs and applications to the cloud to help improve business agility,” says Ram Menghani, Vice President of Network Products and Services at NEC in America.
“Not all cloud solutions are built the same, so it’s also important for businesses to examine the bottom line of their cloud investments and to understand the underlying technology,” Menghani went on to say.
Industry analysts agree that NEC’s Univerge Blue product will continue be one of the forbearers of internet telephony in 2016 and beyond.
NEC’s Univerge Blue product lineup is built with security in mind. Administrators have complete control over the phone system, giving them the flexibility to roll out or restrict features on a granular basis.
Organizations all around the world are seeing the benefits of moving their telephony systems into the cloud. The pay as you go model gives organizations flexibility in the way that they offer cloud telephony, whether it’s deployed in a public, private or hybrid cloud.