NeoSpeech's Text to Speech Cloud App is a Game Changer

Image Attribution: Flickr

At first glance, text to speech apps may not sound like such a revolutionary invention. When you dig deeper and look at NeoSpeech’s new Text to Speech (TTS) cloud app, the features and functionalities of this app set this offering apart from the pack.
NeoSpeech is described as a faster, more intuitive way to turn text into speech. Since NeoSpeech uses the cloud, users can customize their dictations using a variety of different methods.
The NeoSpeech Voice Cloud Service features an on-demand interface, allowing users to copy and paste text into a box and receive instant dictation. There’s also a NeoSpeech Web Service, that can be integrated into websites allowing text to be played aloud instead of the user having to read the article.
Although these two services are the main components of NeoSpeech, the possibilities for NeoSpeech are unlimited. NeoSpeech allows users to implement 15 accents in their text to speech endeavors. NeoSpeech also supports 7 languages, with those languages being:

  • English
  • UK English
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Canadian French
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

NeoSpeech can be used in a variety of settings. NeoSpeech can be used in education, healthcare, online publishing and more.
“We are excited about launching these new TTS solutions,” mentions Devin Lee, CEO of NeoSpeech. “By eliminating the need to install software, the Voice Cloud Service provides universal access to high quality, human-like voices without any hassle so that everyone can utilize TTS technology easily and quickly,” added Lee.
NeoSpeech is a complete solution for those needing a robust text to speech app. NeoSpeech can be setup to utilize SOAP and the REST frameworks, making website integration simple. NeoSpeech also uses SSL, allowing organizations to feel at ease when transferring data through the TTS app.  NeoSpeech can even be used by podcasters, allowing them to have a professional, presentable voice when performing interviews, voice overs and more.