Netelligent Announces Disaster Recovery as a Service

Netelligent has announced through a press release that they are offering a new Disaster Recovery as a Service product line up. The DRaaS offering will allow organizations to cut costs, improve ease of use, increase IT productivity while providing unrivaled levels of service. Netelligent says that inside of its secure datacenters, business continuity can be ensured without any interruptions to normal day to day business.
Netelligent’s Director of Product Management Kevin Van Mondfrans says, “This breakthrough hypervisor-based replication technology plus expert-lead managed services means the customer receives true disaster recovery within hours with pinpoint application recovery at an unprecedented value. We can get a customer DR running from their premises or in our cloud with zero disruption to their business.”
Back in January, Netelligent received Cisco certifications in the following four areas: DRaaS, Desktop as a Service, Hosted Collaboration Services and IaaS. Netelligent says that regardless if you run your datacenter operation completely in the cloud of if a company has a hybrid cloud, the Netelligent DRaaS will be able to function as a failover should significant downtime occur. Netelligent believes that they have hit the market at the perfect time as SMBs are realizing that DRaaS solutions are no longer just for large organizations. Netelligent mentions that their DRaaS solution is for organizations of all sizes.
Some industries require organizations to have disaster recovery plans for compliance reasons. Other types of industries can use DRaaS for a variety of other factors besides business continuity. With Netelligent, administrators the ability to completely manage the replication of data and test the hypothetical failover options just to ensure the DRaaS offering does what it is supposed to do should a disaster occur.
President of Netelligent Aaron Stone mentions, “Our new DRaaS offering is another great example of how we are assisting our customers with navigating the market shift to hybrid IT. Our DRaaS fills a needed gap for customers with their own data centers or for customers that have moved to a cloud architecture like Netelligent’s IaaS for their primary data center.”