Netflix Chief Cloud Architect to Join Battery Ventures

Mr. Cockcroft has been heralded as a rock star for his cloud engineering abilities. As Netflix has blossomed into a company beloved by consumers all around the world, Amazon tends to tout Netflix as a case study for what Amazon Web Services can do for big ideas. Adrian Cockcroft recently released a statement about his new position at Battery Ventures by saying, “I am thrilled to be joining Battery, one of the pioneers in investing in the cloud-computing space and a firm whose internal culture mirrors Netflix’s.” Cockcroft was also noted as saying, “Both firms are very open to trying new things.”

This role within Battery Ventures is a new role. Having an expert like Cockcroft who knows the cloud inside and out can certainly help negotiations as well as provide mentorship for startup companies who are heavily reliant upon the cloud. Cockcroft and his team at Netflix were Battery Ventures is a VC firm that specializes in technology investments. Many investments by Battery have gone on to become household names in the internet industry. Battery has just released a statement saying that Netflix’s Chief Cloud Architect Adrian Cockcroft has now joined the firm as a “Technology fellow.”
known for many of the homebrew tools they created to manage their Amazon cloud. Much of these tools were released with an open source license and cloud companies began using the tools for patching, servicing and deploying their cloud infrastructures.
Mike Dauber is a principal investor at Battery Ventures. He commented on Cockcroft’s hire by saying, “We have portfolio companies that struggle with scaling up, and there are problems that we see over and over again… Adrian is one of the best people to answer those questions.” As venture capital organizations begin searching for an edge when attempting to jump start a startup, they look for technical fellows in order help navigate the more complicated issues that start up tech businesses face in the age of cloud computing.