Netflix will be 100% Cloud by 2015

Netflix is already setting up its New Year’s Resolutions. By the beginning of 2015, Netflix expects to be run 100% in the cloud. This business goal for Netflix is something the team feels is entirely doable. The technology team at Netflix mentions that they are focused on delivering Enterprise IT as a Service.

Justin Slaten from Netflix comments, “[Our goal] is absolutely achievable. We’ve been a cloud-first company for a long time. There were some legacy things that run in the data center that weren’t low-hanging fruit – maybe the last 10 per cent – and it’s like being on a diet. It’s always the last 10lbs that are the hardest to lose.” Slaten goes on to say, “It’s taken a lot of user interaction and collaboration to migrate those things. We’ll reach our goal for sure as we’re very close to it.”

Slaten continued his comments by making a few bold predictions. Instead of companies adopting the cloud first mantra, Slaten believes that some organizations will begin emphasizing the cloud-only mantra. Slaten mentions, “I think we tend to run a little bit ahead of the curve so I have to step back and think about that [where other organizations are]. If I was starting a company from the ground up now, you’re in the best position you’ve ever been in.”

Slaten further commented, “There are definitely a lot of use cases and probably tons more that we have yet to discover. Netflix is a very early adopter of technology.” Slaten also noted, “We’re very tolerant when it comes to being a guinea pig.” In light of Netflix going 100% cloud, Slaten added, “We’re exposed pretty early on to things and we like to be very vocal when it comes to what we’d like to see and it’s great to hear what all these other customers are doing.”