NetSuite Announces Two New European Data Centers

Image Attribution: Flickr

NetSuite has increased its strategic investments in Europe by provided two additional data centers for its customers to use in Europe. NetSuite customers can elect to have their clouds hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands or Dublin, Ireland. The two cities have become European hotspots of IT, making the choice a natural fit for NetSuite.
NetSuite’s timing on the decision to open its two European datacenters works out perfected for the cloud provider given the fact that the EU Court of Justice recently declared the EU-US Safe Harbor framework invalid. This means that European businesses will want to keep their data in Europe. Given these unfolding events, legal considerations will likely keep many businesses who have adopted cloud inside of European data centers. That’s great news for NetSuite, who has a large portion of the clientele in the EU.
“Europe represents one of NetSuite’s largest growth opportunities,” says Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite.
“Our data centers in Amsterdam and Ireland are proof of our continued strong commitment to our European customers. Today’s news is a key part of our ongoing plan to bring more resources, focus, and investment to our European customers in the form of additional capacity, security and compliance with local data regulations. NetSuite has always had high standards for compliance and security and the European data centers will adhere to those standards,” added Nelson.
NetSuite has been around since the late 90s and the company has amassed over 24,000 companies that use its services. Although NetSuite has announced the two new data centers for its cloud apps, the data centers won’t likely be open for several weeks. NetSuite mentions that they plan on having both data centers open by the end of the calendar year. NetSuite is a leading provider of ERP and CRM.