New Adobe Creative Cloud Release Increases Functionality & Productivity

Image Attribution: Flickr

The 2015 version of Adobe Creative Cloud has been released and the new SaaS lineup of media editing tools has received a tremendous amount of buzz. Adobe says that they have focused this new release on interoperability and performance.
The updates deployed to the Adobe Creative Cloud co-inside with Adobe’s plan to release up to 15 desktop application updates along with new mobile apps for Android. Recently, CloudWedge published an article entitled Adobe Announces 3 New Cloud Apps; Photoshop Touch Gets the Ax, which glossed over some of the changes happening within Adobe’s SaaS lineup.
Updates Included With the New Release
Media editors will be delighted to learn that Adobe has recently acquired Fotolia, a company that provides stock photos. Adobe has rebranded Fotolia as Adobe Stock. This new feature allows media creators to integrate stock photography directly into their works without have to shop for images on external stock photography websites.
Mobile apps for Android devices have also been released for the Adobe Creative Cloud, giving Android users the power create media directly on their tablets and smartphones. Two other mobile apps that have been released are called Preview CC and Hue CC, which allow users to further edit photos before publishing them online.
“We’ve been really focused on performance for this release,” mentions Scott Morris, Senior Marketing Director for Adobe Creative Cloud. “This release of Illustrator is 10 times faster than CS6 for all of the common tasks like panning and zooming; InDesign is twice as fast, even in scrolling through complex documents; and performance enhancements in Photoshop such as the Healing Brush and the Path Tool are up to 120 times faster with GPU acceleration.”
Other updates include Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver and more. For additional information about all of the updates that have been released by the Adobe Creative Cloud, visit their website to learn more.