New CSG Solution Uses Big Data and AI to Detect and Avoid Telecom Fraud

CSG recently declared the availability of CSG Detect. This new invention is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, targeted at detecting and notifying telecommunication companies, real-time of likely frauds in their process of billing. CSG is a company invested in ensuring the complexities of the digital age business transformation does not affect the entrepreneur.

While the issue of fraud is a big one, especially for mobile network operations (MNOs) across the globe, the more service providers open their arms to better technology, the greater the increase in how complex frauds get. With the increase in the use of mobile devices all over the world, consumers also stand the risk of having their data fall into the laps of fraudsters, by a simple tap.

When frauds hit an organization, the current solutions to combat it basically require a lot of manual processes as well as a huge amount of resources. Therefore, it is almost inevitable for frauds not to have a great impact on companies, once they hit them. Also, the regular fraud management applications are either active or passive; using test calls or only analyzing live traffic respectively. None of these methods (used as a standalone approach) would identify all the segment of fraud scenarios.

The solution provided by CSG supplies a well-integrated active and passive testing which allows for accurate, fast and comprehensive fraud detection. CSG’s fraud detection rates have been found to be higher once they employed this solution of theirs. Theirs is a cloud-based solution and it employs new technologies such as Hadoop, a big data technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning as well with the aim of analyzing near real-time traffic. It also includes a voice and SMS feature, to alert customers in real time, in the case of fraud.

This new innovation from CSG has been made available as an end-to-end solution and it is tailored to suit the need of each business.