New Cybersecurity Lab By Emerson To Help Industry Achieve Digital Transformation

CyberTheft has recently increased in its rate, thereby posing as a huge challenge to a number of organizations. Occurrence of this will mean a disruption of service provision, hence, finding ways to protect their systems through cybersecurity therefore becomes very imperative for these organizations.

Emerson, Missouri based technology and engineering company, focuses on providing other organizations with the perfect solutions to solve their challenges in various market fields such as the residential, industrial, and the commercial markets. Emerson, known for its massive worldwide cybersecurity network, has previously shown a total commitment towards ensuring that other companies worldwide are provided with most innovative computerized solutions possible. 

The company just launched its newest solution option to the problem of CyberTheft. This solution is in the form of a new cybersecurity lab; this assists in ensuring the reliability of producer’s systems operation while adopting new digital transformational strategies. This provides the confidence that is needed by these companies to keep exploring new innovations in the digital transformation niche without the fear of theft of their information.

This newly launched lab has a full manpower of highly placed cybersecurity experts and it has a foundation of previously existing capabilities. The lab will then build on this foundation to create a more defined security platform where new threat models are designed. In other to fully understand the areas of leakages and how they can be controlled, there is an imitation of cyberattacks by the team also.

The new lab has its center at the Emerson innovation center, which is located in Pune. It has the capacity of fully accommodating over 800 employees that are fully committed to providing innovative solutions for varying challenges in the industry. The executive president of Emerson’s automation solutions business thinks that this newly launched center also further increases the extent of their leadership level and also their collaboration with clients in the field.