New Cybersecurity Tool Enables Companies to Detect Potential Attacks

A powerful new security tool has been launched, in the ever-raging war against cyberattacks on corporate and political organizations .

Backstory, created by Chronicle, is a global cloud service that allows corporations to privately store, upload and analyze their systems to detect and investigate potential cyber-attacks.

Thrilled to announce the launch, Chronicle says the service is a major milestone and hope the innovation will give enterprises the required leap over the current data storage that has crippled their security.

Chronicle strongly believes that an effective security community is the best defense against cyber terrorists. Their mission since inception has been fuelled by the ability to leverage resources to give security experts the required tools to counter and continue to stay ahead of attackers.

Most of the experts at Chronicle have once worked with Google in the development of their iron-clad infrastructure. Two of the company’s founders were once founders of Google’s TAG. Their combined experience with other experts in leading products firms were all merged into the development of the Backstory cloud service.

According to Chronicle, companies can upload high volume data including NetFlow, endpoint logs, DNS traffic, and many more which will be indexed and analyzed automatically by the analytics engine.

Backstory then uses threat intelligence signals curated from various sources and scans the network activity for threats instantly. The service also informs the user of any access to known malicious domains and malware-infected files.

Chronicle has been developing Backstory for over a year and has been testing the service with firms with employee size from 500 to over 500,000 and have recorded successes rates in detecting threats and attack on their systems.

Bringing the 2016 Democratic National Committee computer network hacks by Russians to remembrance, the company said that had the DNC had Backstory, they would’ve spotted the external activity and put an end to it.

The service will be showcased at the RSA Conference in San Francisco all week.