New Generation Cochlear Implants Connect to Wireless and Bluetooth

Advanced Bionics shows its solid interest in the making the lives of users easier with the recent release of its Naida™ CI Connect receiver.

Technology has helped users of Cochlear Implants quite a lot. However, audio streaming and taking hands-free phone calls has remained a challenge up for users till now. The new Naida CI Connect provides solutions for this problem, as it helps wearers of cochlear implants also enjoy these thrills of the typical modern life.

To make this innovation (which is one of the most creative from Bionic) a reality, Bionics joined forces with Phonak. The solution particularly converts the Naida CI Q90 sound processor into a Bluetooth® wireless headset.

Hands-free calling is now also possible with its in-built microphones, as well as by the virtue of its compatibility with all forms of Bluetooth-enabled laptops, tablets and MP3 players. Hence, cochlear implants users can easily stream audios or take calls directly from any device at all. The technology also increases the level of comfort of cochlear implant wearers while doing these things.

Advanced Bionics is a world class leader in the developing of hearing solutions for all those experiencing hearing loss and has stopped benefiting from hearing aids. The hearing loss experienced by this category of people usually ranges from severe to profound.

In the words of Hansjuerg Emch, Group Vice President Cochlear Implants (CI), Sonova, “We are excited about the introduction of Naida CI Connect because we are committed to supporting every Advanced Bionics Implant wearer as well as new customers along their hearing journey. For us, the journey doesn’t end as soon as the implant is activated. Our goal is not only to bring CI wearers into the world of sound, but also to empower them to enjoy their lives to the fullest. And the second part is what the Naida CI Connect is about. This is also the first product we’re launching in 2019, and we’re thrilled about where we’re headed. You can bet on seeing more from us as the year unfolds.”