New Investment by JSR Increases Business Development Efforts

The new investment subsidiary that is set to launch on the 1st of October, 2019 will focus on helping small business start-ups to develop their business operations especially in the aspect of arising digital technology.

This newly launched investment is the newest of many other similar investment types. JSR corporation is known for its constant investments in small technology start-up companies that show signs of highly innovative technological models. An example of previous investment is the Carbon, a Silicon Valley based digital manufacturing company as a result of its production process known as the Digital Light Synthesis.

The investment will begin with an initial funding of about 3 billion Yen which is expected to increase to about 10 billion Yen. This investment process is one that takes its funding from the JSR Active Innovation Fund LLC. It will also be included as strategic partners for this small start-ups, at least until they are fully established and can afford expansion of their business.

Besides the funding, the JSR strategic partnership will also provide these start- ups with other benefits such as the JSR store of knowledge and experience. Access to this store will help them to deliver their clients with immense value added services by new innovative business developments and business models.

“With the rapid growth of digitization and innovations generated from start-ups, the conventional market structure will change dramatically in the near future, and all companies will need to seek new business models that utilize digital technology,” said Eric Johnson, CEO of JSR Corporation.

JSR is also an organization which delivers services in other business domains such as the Elastomers business Life Sciences businesses and the Digital Solutions Businesses.