New Partnership Between 6sense and Uberflip to Help Deliver ABM At Scale

6sense is a known Artificial Intelligence powered organization. They focus on using standard technological means such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to help their clients in identifying more revenue growing opportunities. With the majority of their clients as revenue teams, they use their resources to help discover information and also predict future negotiations with their prospective buyers, thereby helping them to effectively close more opportunity deals.

6sense recently announced its continuing partnership with Uberflip to ensure that joint customers will have the platform to create a more personalised content experience for themselves. According to Randy Frisch, CMO of Uberflip, “Creating personalized experiences for all your target accounts is tough on its own, let alone knowing the right content to include to engage them with, I am thrilled that through Uberflip and 6sense’s partnership this is now a reality for marketers. Joint customers can create content experiences powered by intent data at scale for hundreds or even thousands of accounts and ensure the right experiences are delivered to the right prospects at the right time.”

Uberfip is an organization that is known as one of the leading cloud-based platform for creating contents experience globally. They focus on fully utilizing their contents to help customers fully achieve their goals, their tools helps in boosting engagement, and also generating leads to this end.

The partnership between these organization will combine the technological foresight ability of 6sense together with the content experience platform of Uberflip to provide an entirely different and deeper level to personalizing contents experiences for their customers. There are specific tools that are used to achieve this, some of them include; specialized keywords, accounts, timing and so on.

Some joint customers have tapped into the use of this newest integration as their optimum market strategy. Customers such as Aprimo who consider ABM as the only strategy for them are thrilled with this newest partnership as it creates a platform for them to utilize two different services in generating insights that will help in increasing their company’s progress.