New Relic Provides Deep Insights into the Analytics of Web, Mobile and Backend Apps

Image Attribution: Flickr

New Relic helps your organization make better app development decisions by gathering deep analytics on the performance and deliverability of your app or website.
New Relic has just announced that they will embed their analytics suite called New Relic Software Analytics Cloud into each of their product lines.
This gives administrators the ability to rapidly query error data about their app which can provide insights into performance, usability and speed.
New Relic says that with the integration happening across their entire product line, developers will be just a few clicks away from gaining new intelligence about their deployments.
“New Relic is reinventing the application performance monitoring market by embedding analytics throughout every part of our product line, delivering what we see as unprecedented analytical speed, scale, and dimensionality,” says Lew Cirne, CEO and Founder, New Relic.
“NRDB, the powerful database behind New Relic Insights, is designed to enable us to collect lossless data from millions of software events every second, and enable companies to run queries against giant data sets to uncover new insights about their applications, their users, and their business,” Cirne added.
The new service begins on December 1st 2015 for paying New Relic customers. On that date, organizations will have access to 8 days worth of data and analytics gathered by New Relic Insights.
Among the top features of the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud suite are:

  • Error Analytics – Get details on error frequency, impact and other dimensions.
  • Geo Analytics – Gain a more in depth understanding of where your customers are and how that impacts the deliverability of services.
  • Enhanced Visual Data Explorer – Using the New Relic Query Language, you can gain access to the analytics you need rapidly and programmatically.

New Relic’s multitenented offering gives businesses the flexibility to integrate the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud using SaaS.
New Relic gives you the ability to gain deep insights into application usage, which allows your organization to make intelligent decisions when responding to customer demands.