New Relic To Enhance Digital Customer Experience For Komatsu

In a bid to keep up with its increasing rates of customer’s requests call which keeps increasing at all of Komatsu smart construction sites; estimated increased has been approximated to about 30 times its previous number, Komatsu initially developed a solutions platform, called the Smart Construction Solution, that will help them to fully enhance the entire process of construction beyond the machines alone. The major aim of the solutions platform was to help the company to efficiently deliver more projects with less human capacity.

The development of the platform was as a result of a recently concluded labor force survey by the Statistics Bureau of Japan, this study results foresees that by the year 2025, there will be a massive reduction in the number of skilled labor in Japan, of up to about 1.3 million in number.

The newly created platform was to be overseen by the software development and operations team at Komatsu. Within its operations, there was a number of changes of its mode of service delivery to be effected by the heading team, including early identification of faults at the code level, practical ways to identify and manage faults and problems. Information to be stored on the platform include the business positions and operations of clients and customer’s experience.

Employing the services of new relic is one step to ensure visibility on the platform. New relic will help in monitoring and regulating the level of digital performance, customer’s experience and also business data. Considering that the platform is currently being used by over 8000 construction sites in Japan, it becomes very important for new relic to help in the full optimization of processes in these sites by improving customer’s experience through easy identification of issues in real-time and reducing software testing process by approximately 15%. It has been recognized that key to achieving a success in this platform is getting data on application transactions, changing infrastructure resources and user’s usage and satisfaction; all of which is fully available on the platform.