New Software IP Probe To Be Introduced By Rohde and Scwarz

Ipoque, a Rohde and Scwarz German company that focuses on providing its clients with services related to network analytics software in the communications industry. Their service delivery involves fully utilizing deep domain expertise in a bid to create software solutions that also aids customers to perform specific operations, an example of which is transforming data into intelligence.

With the ever increasing rate of growing traffic and stagnating budgets by network analytics vendors, the use of more advanced innovative solutions thereby becomes a very essential means by which this problem can be solved. As such, the newly developed OEM software IP probe by Rohde and Schwarz is a good solution to this. The probe is a lightweight and customizable solution that was built such that it can address every demand that comes its way.

This comes as an advantage to vendors as they can fully add different levels of probing functionalities to their solution tools at a more advantageous circumstance; less time and less money is spent in this process while the same or a higher level of productivity is achieved.

According to Dirl Czepluch, the Chief Executive Officer at ipoque, “We understand the needs of network software and equipment vendors. Developing probing functionalities in- house takes a lot of time and effort. We have 14 years of experience in IP traffic analytics and gladly offer our expertise as a customizable solution which allows vendors to save costs and turn network data into intelligence.”

The sensor probe has been designed such that it can easily be integrated into all analytics solutions; this feature is made possible by the presence of specific tools such as open APIs, flexible data export functions and also dedicated technical tools.