New Storage-as-a-Service from ClearSky Data and Packet

ClearSky Data and Packet announced a revolutionary new service today. The storage-as-a-service was designed for enhanced edge computing data centers in Boston. ClearSky is an industry leader in primary storage services as well as adaptive data recovery services. They also offer premium offsite backup storage options for a wide range of business customers.

The partnership between ClearSky Data and Packet centers on SBA Communications towers and data centers. There is an existing center in Foxborough, Mass. that Packet is already assisting with by offering cloud services integrated into the data center network. ClearSky is stepping in to provide edge-based storage, data loss recovery, and offsite backup storage to upgrade the security and reliability of the sites.

Jacob Smith, the Chief Marketing Officer at Packet, summed up the new collaboration by saying, “With ClearSky Data and Packet, customers can access a cloud-native infrastructure that can be easily connected to self-protecting storage. It’s an extremely compelling edge story for the enterprise.”

The enhanced edge service provides streamlined data optimization and storage solutions that are designed to prevent loss. The collaboration between ClearSky Data and Packet also offers simplified management solutions and upgraded security for the native cloud network. ClearSky Data’s unique storage solutions allow data to be accessed when and where it’s needed without delay, boosting operational efficiencies for businesses that partner with them.

The immediate access to important data as soon as it’s needed sets up businesses to compete in their respective industries. With real-time analysis and ultra-low latency, ClearSky Data and Packet’s new storage-as-a-service solution is addressing a long-awaited need for business customers.

Packet is a leading cloud service provider for developers and enterprise customers. Packet has over 20 cloud locations to handle large network needs. ClearSky Data’s new service allows for a direct connection to Packet’s cloud network through SBA’s data center facilities.