New Survey Suggests Execs Want Private Cloud

IDGConnect recently completed a survey that polled 103 of the top business technology executives in the US. The questions revolved around how they expected to implement the cloud in their organization. Each of the leaders queried in this poll are responsible for organizations that have over 1,000 employees. The prerequisites of the study noted that the leaders had to be actively involved in technology purchases, data management and information security.

Although IDGConnect conducted the survey, Unisys was the vendor who commissioned the poll.  The data seems to speak for itself. Exactly 50 percent of the respondents indicated their preference for a private cloud solution. While 26 percent favored a hybrid cloud, only 24 percent favored a public cloud solution. The poll found some other interesting nuggets of information that can help predict trends within the cloud industry. The poll found that 60% polled felt like security was the biggest obstacle for delivering the cloud to their users. 92% of the users polled said that they prefer to use a community of interest as a method of using software defined networking in efforts to cut down on physical infrastructure.
What does this poll mean for the cloud market though? It seems to shine more light on the rapidly expanding corporate private cloud model. It also highlights a key reluctance for companies to embrace the public cloud. Perhaps this is skewing the data but if you combine the 50% who prefer a private cloud and the 26% that would utilize a hybrid cloud, the study seems to indicate a strong preference to some sort of on-site private cloud solution. Large companies will come to embrace the cloud as the technology continues to mature. This new poll seems to reinforce the perception that the public cloud has a long way to go in order to be accepted as a secure solution for large organizations.