New Survey Finds Cloud Security to be a Two Edged Sword

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A recent survey conducted by Clutch asked IT professionals in medium to large enterprises about the value of cloud computing in their environment. The survey focuses on three key areas: cloud benefits, implementation and challenges.
Unsurprisingly, the topic of cloud security dominated the survey. Clutch found that cloud security could be a two edged sword. On one hand, 22% of businesses are moving to the cloud because they feel as if they can better secure their workloads. On the other hand, 31% said cloud security was the top challenge in terms of making the switch.
The survey dug a bit deeper, asking IT professionals whether or not they felt the cloud was more secure than legacy systems. With 64% of respondents agreeing that cloud is more secure than legacy systems, it only confirms the fact that cloud is becoming the new norm in businesses all across the world.
Here are a few other key findings from Clutch’s survey:

  • 75% of medium to large businesses implement security measures that go beyond what a typical IaaS provider offers.
  • The more frequently added security features are data encryption, identity access policies and regular audits.
  • 57% of businesses spent between $10,000 and $500,000 in cloud security products.
  • According to the survey, the top three benefits of implementing cloud are security (22%), increased efficiency (15%) and data space (12%).

“Using the Cloud is like putting your money in the bank versus under your mattress,” says David Linthicum, the SVP of Cloud Technology Partners.
“Even though your money, or data, is not on-premise, the bank will do a much better job protecting it because it has vaults and security cameras – more than what a single enterprise company can do,” Linthicum added.
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