Newtek: Many Small Businesses Still Lack Cloud Services

Image Attribution: Flickr

Newtek Business Services, which describes itself as the Small Business Authority, polled over 1,000 small businesses on whether or not they used data centers and cloud services.
The results of the poll may be surprising to some people, considering the fact that Newtek only asked two simple questions. The questions were”
“Is your data stored in a data center?”
40% of the respondents indicated that they do use a datacenter while 60% of small businesses said that they do not data center.
“Has your company migrated into the cloud?”
33% of small businesses said that they have migrated into the cloud while 60% indicated that they have not migrated into the cloud. A staggering 7% of respondents said that they were unsure, indicating that they may or may not have cloud services in their small businesses.
“The concept of cloud computing is still foreign to many independent business owners. Having all hardware, software and data available off-premise 24/7 should and will be a requirement for good business practice going forward,” says Barry Sloane, CEO of The Small Business Authority.
“The cloud is arguably much more secure and, all around, a better solution for business than non-cloud based technology. We hope our small business clients in next year’s survey come around to embrace cloud computing in bigger and more robust ways,” Sloane added.
Newtek Business Services gives small businesses a one stop shop when it comes to vendor services. Newtek offers managed technology solutions, ecommerce solutions, payment gateway processing, secure gateways for small businesses, data backup services and more.
Newtek’s findings show that many small businesses are ripe candidates for cloud migrations because they may not be thinking about disaster recovery scenarios or things such as being able to access their data from any computer securely. As the evidence shows, small businesses still lack the perks that cloud computing can offer an organization.