NICE Helps Law Enforcement Keep Track of Evidence Using Azure Govt Cloud

NICE Systems is the company behind the latest digital investigative solution available on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud. NICE provides law enforcement with a platform to collaborate evidence, which in turn, helps investigators more rapidly crack a case.
Think about all the data that law enforcement must handle on any given investigation. A few decades ago, almost all police work was done with pen and paper. Now, police must categorize CCTV footage, photographs and all other types of evidence on a case.
Law enforcement agencies are tasked with storing this data in a way that they can simultaneously cross reference with other cases while preserving the integrity of the data.
That’s where NICE Investigative’s digital policing solution comes into the equation. With NICE, cops can accumulate their data onto a CJIS-compliant platform that meets all of the industry’s most stringent compliance regulations.
The Azure Government cloud has many of these security features baked into their platform. In fact, Azure Govt Cloud is contractually committed to meeting the CJIS requirements for local, state and federal agencies.
In addition, by deploying NICE with the Azure Govt Cloud, infrastructure requirements become a thing of the past as law enforcement departments can plugin using the equipment they already have on hand.
“Our collaboration with Microsoft Corp. means police departments can benefit from NICE Investigate’s comprehensive data collection, analysis, and collaboration capabilities in the secured, scalable, and cost-effective environment of the Microsoft Azure Government cloud,” mentions Chris Wooten, EVP at Nice Systems.
In addition, when law enforcement agencies work smarter, the welfare of the general public stands to improve. NICE Systems has a proven track record of helping organizations make smarter decisions using real world data.
NICE mentions that over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies currently use NICE in their environments. With NICE Investigative, law enforcement agencies will be able to streamline their investigative processes, which could help keep criminals off the streets.