NICE Robotic Process Automation Strengthens Capabilities of AI

NICE revealed the availability of its Robotic Process Automation version 7.1. just recently.

This recent release channels comprehensive and rapid automation development, allows for business continuity and also enables effective human and robot workforce management.

New capabilities include automation discovery (which is driven by AI) for  proactive identification of automation workflows and connectivity issues, identifying sub-processes, intelligent real-time data, sophisticated control features and dashboards. This results is an expansion of the automation footprint as well as faster optimization of business value and ROI.

NICE RPA version 7.1 enhances all stages of the automation lifecycle by providing following capabilities and benefits:

Automation Discovery Phase: New AI-driven Automation Finder capabilities allow for comprehensive yet precise discovery of added sub-processes and their variations recommended for automation. This enables organizations to  plan smartly and build their automation roadmap, increase footprint and ultimately speed up return on investment (ROI).

Automation Development Phase: Automation Studio, NICE RPA’s creative design tool is fortified with a new built-in debugger ability to showcase a comprehensive view of the automation development flow at the click of a button. Developers have the ability to proactively pick out issues within the automation flow and quickly resolve them in real-time.

Operationalization Phase: The AI-driven Shape Analysis characteristic supports NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) and the desktop environment. This allows NEVA to integrate with any desktop application, virtual environment and legacy system.

Maintenance and Monitoring Phase: IT administrators possess real-time visibility into the attended as well as the unattended robotic workforce from just one screen view. Fortified with detailed data, administrators are powered to easily control and monitor the robotic workforce at scale, while at the same time taking decisive action in real-time. The abilities of the Connectivity Watcher have also been extended.