NimbleTV Lets Users Watch TV in the Cloud

NimbleTV is a start-up cloud service that allows users to watch TV wherever they might be. TV as a service is now a real thing and those who sign up for NimbleTV will be able to watch TV that you’ve already paid for on your device. NimbleTV has been in beta phases for quite some time but the service has officially launched in New York City and it includes two packages that users can choose from. In order to sign up for these packages, users of this service must live in New York, they must have a television subscription and they obviously need network or Wi-Fi connectivity. There is no special hardware to setup on the user’s side making this offering much more attractive than offerings already on the market today.

NimbleTV’s founder and CEO recently conducted an interview over at the Hollywood Reporter. Anand Subramanian was asked about the goals of his company and said, “Our goal is to make TV easy again for consumers, while doing it in a way that supports the industry. Our approach simply improves existing pay TV — it does not displace it.”
NimbleTV describes itself as “The cloud-based TV service that finally makes ‘TV Everywhere’ a reality.” Questions around the legality of services like NimbleTV were quickly answered by the CEO. Anand Subramanian calmed any fears of legal repercussions by saying, “We are simply enhancing paid TV subscriptions for consumers.” Under the NimbleTV model, television companies are compensated fully and fairly. In fact, to use NimbleTV, you must use your log in credentials for your pay TV provider. Companies like Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon and RCN offer these credentials to each of their users. NimbleTV has plans that start at just $3.99 per month. NimbleTV can be compared to a hybrid of a TiVo and a Slingbox which uses the cloud. NimbleTV’s easy to use app gives consumers a friendly way to browse, organize and watch their favorite TV shows that they’ve already paid for with their TV subscription.