Nintendo Eyes Cloud Gaming

At its annual shareholder meeting, Nintendo Company’s president Shuntaro Furukawa mentioned that the gaming giant is well aware that at the current limitations of technology, cloud gaming isn’t yet possible on the level which they want it to be, but that the company recognizes the potential for the technology to be a proper distribution medium for gaming. Nintendo, to date, hasn not delved into developing a cloud gaming system of its own, but the Japanese-based corporation hasn’t suffered for its decision as of yet. Consoles like the switch still make a significant impact on the market, and director Shigeru Miyamoto states that he doesn’t think cloud gaming is going to completely replace consoles for gaming.

Console Game Streaming

One thing is sure: the technology market stands still for no corporation, and Nintendo is known to have dropped the ball in the past. Not recognizing the popularity of CDs over cartridges (and in the process losing a considerable volume of its market share to Sony) is one of the more prominent examples in recent memory. However, the company is already dedicating considerable efforts into creating a streaming system that can utilize partnership deals. The aim of this endeavour is to develop and maintain a Nintendo-specific cloud gaming offering. The details on the project are however yet subject to speculation. The levels of success of this project are still heavily guarded, and no one in the industry can be entirely sure how far Nintendo has advanced on this track. Despite that secrecy, the admission from President Furukawa suggests that, while they might not be as invested in cloud gaming as Sony, Microsoft, and Google, Nintendo still has something to say on the market. As a result, it would be amiss to rule them out as a contender in the next generation of the console wars.