Nintex Acknowledges The Implementation of Innovative Business Solutions by Australian Organizations

The solution innovation awards is one organized yearly by Nintex; which is the global standard for process optimization. The award is focused on honoring client-focused organizations who use the Nintex platform to develop business solutions that are found to be innovative and highly influential to produce actual results. Recipients of the awards this year include the Port Stephens Council, Allegis Group and the Auswide Bank.

Port Stephens Council, a south wales based organization, was awarded the Nintex Promapp Public Sector Standout Award. This was as a result of the organization constant implementation of the Nintex platform as a strategy for constant growth. They use this knowledge gotten from this platform in a well-organized process to aid their decision making and planning. This platform allows clients to assess whether they are in line with securing their key indications by giving them access to relevant data. It ensures accuracy in reports by the organization also.

Auswide Bank got awarded the Regional Transformation Leader Award. With the recent use of the Nintex platform by the bank, there has been a move from the previous PDF-based procedure documentation to a more standard procedure through the Nintex Promapp; a management software that helps in improvement and also more essentially, gives feedback to its users. The bank also makes use of other Nintex Software such as the Nintex Workflow and the Nintex Forms, especially in managing their mortgaging affairs.

Allegis Group, which is a known recruitment company, was awarded with the Successful Cloud Expansion Award. This group employs the use of various software on the Nintex platform including; the Sharepoint Online, Nintex Workflow Cloud, And The Nintex Hawkeye. As a result of these inclusion, there has been greater value added to their client’s processing, increasing satisfaction of their clients.

A common similarity between these Australian organizations is the end-product of increased productivity and client’s satisfaction after implementing the various software in ways that best suits each of them differently.