NKK Switches Appoints Abraham Macias As New Western Regional Sales Manager

NKK Switches is company that is globally recognized for its numerous inventions which includes programmable displays and also advanced electromechanical switches. With over 65 years of renowned expertise, the company is known to be one of the major pace setters for standard values such as quality and trustworthiness in the market of human-machine interface solutions.

Services provided by NKK includes engineering design services with a focus on the Human Machine Interface(HMI) with a response that can be quite perceptible. Other services such as programming services, and also other application support services are also offered at the physical facility based at Scottsdale.

Information gotten from Laurence Sweeny, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NKK Switches of America is that the appointment of Abraham Macias is a response to a discovered problem of OEMs facing difficulties in properly allocating assets needed to separate their products from the competition by unique designing and enhancing. This addition ought to enhance an increase in the knowledge customers in aspect of NKK’s design services and also enhance their experience in using products such as the SmartDisplay products.

Areas to be covered by Abraham are the Western Region of the US, including Washington, Oregon and California. He will be fully responsible for all ongoing sales in those regions.

This new customer resource manager, Abraham Macias, is a resident of Orange, CA. He had his degree from the University of Southern California where he studied Business and Spanish. Prior to his appointment by NKK Switches, Abraham has also served in key sales positions such as the sales management role for Arrow Electronics and Transcend Information, Inc. He has over 8 years of vast experience and knowledge in the sales field and as such, he brings in a promising start into his new role.