Nominent, Cyber Security Specialists Launches in North America

Nominet made its official launch into the North American market today. The company achieved this by opening a new office in Washington D.C. Nominet is a security specialist which allows for threat detection and monitoring, analytics and prevention at the DNS level. The company is aimed at rendering support to establishments that need a better visibility and the capability of recognizing threats via massive data noise; hence, put an instant stop to them. The new capabilities are distinctly separated from competitive offerings that don’t work at the DNS level, with an inspection technology that runs deep and is uniquely wired to identify and also block threats including ransomware, targeted malware, Zero Days, phishing, data exfiltration attempts and APTs. 

Nominet never stops at working on new ideas to make them get recognition like they are entirely new in the market and this was confirmed by the words of their CEO, who reported that the company feels like a new one despite their existence and great works in infrastructure security for over 22 years.

While companies typically have several layers of security, Nominate runs at a vital nexus; as all networks depend on DNS traffic and this makes it a crucial information source for specified threats directed at the network. This is an area that often gets overlooked in most security stacks. By the way, using its long experience in analyzing data for threats to advantage, Nominet’s security researchers can note malicious domains prior to the time they register on standard threat feeds.

Many large organizations actually believe that they are monitoring at a great level already. However, in reality, they are not doing so. Even the enterprises with a reasonable amount of resources directed at security may not have the technologies they need to analyze billions of DNS data packets in real time, as needed to identify the common threats today.

Nominet’s efforts in motion have led to the development of a great solution that courses through the noise to help detect threats to the network immediately.