Notary Public – Now Available as a Cloud App

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For tasks such as buying a car or signing a legal document, you may require the services of a Notary Public.
Apple iOS users now have an app that allows them to get their documents Notarized in the cloud. The app is called Notarize by Notarize, Inc.
In 2011, Virginia became one of the leaders in championing this technology. A law was passed that permits certified Notaries in the state to complete the Notarization process using video phone calls.
The process of having to rush to the nearest Notary to get your documents Notarized is a thing of the past.
Anyone with an iPhone and a data connection can now get documents Notarized on fly.
Notarize, Inc says that:
“Notarize is the first on-demand remote, electronic notary service valid in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.
Furthermore, a document remotely notarized in Virginia is valid across state lines due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution and state laws that specifically address and accept out of state notarizations.”
The Notarize app store description says that documents can be Notarized 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This alleviates the headaches of having find a Notary that operates outside of the normal Monday through Friday 9-5 shift.
The service costs $25 and users can utilize cloud storage accounts such as DropBox in order to upload the document to the Notary. The app also allows the person to upload their photo ID, giving the added verification needed for the transaction to occur.
Should any problems arise surrounding your Notarized document, a customer service phone number has been setup to allow for additional authentication of the newly Notarized document. If you have additional questions, consult Notarize’s FAQ for additional information concerning this revolutionary cloud product.