Now Available: 5nine Cloud Security v5.1 for Microsoft Cloud Platform

Image Attribution: Flickr

5nine Software is one the leading providers of security and management solutions for the Microsoft Cloud Platform. With the latest release of 5nine’s Cloud Security suite, those running workloads in a Microsoft based public, private or hybrid cloud will be able to enjoy a streamlined approach to security. 5nine works by giving administrators the tools they need to run tasks such as antivirus and anti-malware sweeps at host node level.
This agentless approach means that administrators will no longer have to worry about antivirus agents needing to be installed or updated on the virtual server itself. Not only does 5nine save on infrastructure overhead, the product helps professionals save on administrative overhead as well. Without having to maintain an antivirus agent on each server, your workloads can become more optimized to your organization’s core objectives.
Symon Perriman, the VP of Business Development and Marketing at 5nine Software, was recently quoted as saying, “The new version of 5nine Cloud Security offers a truly agentless solution that frees up valuable Hyper-V resources without increasing IT admin costs or reducing performance.” Perriman adds, “In addition, we are enhancing the solution with a few exceptional features to deliver the greatest virtualization protection possible for the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Hyper-V virtual machines running Windows and Linux.”
5nine notes that its 5.1 version of Cloud Security will allow those utilizing Azure Packs to integrate the Cloud Security suite as a plugin. 5nine describes its Azure Pack extension as being the only security solution available in the market. The Cloud Security suite also gives administrators an advanced firewall interface that is able to detect intrusions immediately. 5nine mentions that hosting providers could monetize this service and pitch it to clients as a feature that adds value.
Cloud Security integrates into SCCM’s Virtual Machine Management in order to protect both Windows and Linux based machines. When virtual machines are orchestrated, they will be deployed with the same agentless configurations that make this security suite such a powerful resource for Microsoft Cloud administrators. More information can be found at 5nine’s website.