NurtureWatch Chooses Sierra Wireless IoT solution to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

Sierra Wireless’ IoT solution enables NurtureWatch tracking and monitoring features that help elderly people maintain a safe, healthy and independent lifestyle.

Fully integrated cloud-to-cloud solutions cannot be discussed in full without making mention of Sierra Wireless. They are one of the leaders in their industry.  Just today, the company revealed that  its IoT connectivity solution is allowing communications and tracking for the NurtureWatch, a device which is wearable, to ensure the elderly is healthy, safe and independent.

In the words of Bob Bilbruck, Acting Chief Marketing Officer: “The number of individuals in the 70+ age bracket is growing, placing stress on care facilities and family members. Sierra Wireless’ IoT solution provides the reliability that NurtureWatch needs to give elderly people their independence back, with key features to monitor their health and keep them connected with family and caregivers. The NurtureWatch is about 1/10th the cost of a full-time care giver and helps elderly people live independently for longer.”

The bill that results from continuous, home-based care is one of the basic reasons why elderly people are usually moved into care facilities. For healthcare companies and families alike, the NurtureWatch has the ability to offset the cost of supporting elderly people. It can also assist them in the quest of living independently in their own homes for longer periods.

Marc Overton of Sierra Wireless also said: “The NutureWatch is a great example of how IoT solutions are transforming lives. It empowers elderly people to maintain their independence and improve quality of life for themselves and their families.”

The NutureWatch also has the added advantage of being paired with a smartphone. This would ensure that elderly people are always connected and constantly monitored. This connection will make it easier for their loved ones to give them a chance for a large extent of independence – in the absence of a 24/7 caregiver. To make their solution the best ever, NurtureWatch has teamed up with Captjur, a technology and service based company based in California.